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Turning Point Camp is a place for hurting families to find hope and healing. Challenging children are hurting children. This deep-seated pain comes from broken bonds, past experiences, traumas or difficulties resulting from other emotional or behavioral disorders. These children often seem unreachable and wreak havoc and pain on their families, but there is hope.

Here you will find answers to equip you to help heal your child. Turning Point Camp teaches parents about the brain and how it heals, but we also teach about healing the heart. Reaching kids with these challenges is difficult, but they can heal and your family can be refreshed and restored. Here you will find help, support and new hope. Let this be the Turning Point in your family.


One Family's Story

"Our family was spiraling downward. We had been living in a war zone for ten years in our own home. How could one little girl - who we loved so much - bring such chaos?  Every day was filled with screaming, fighting and opposition at every turn. No one believed me because she didn't act this way for others. She saved all that for me, her mother. I was accused of being tooPVV_29891.JPG hard on her or not being strict enough. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get through to my daughter.

We spent thousands of dollars trying to get help. We consulted with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors and anyone who said they might be able to help. After years of therapies, programs and medications, we continued to watch our daughter get sicker and sicker. Nothing was working. I painfully watched her fail the third grade for the third time. My family was falling apart and we were giving up hope. There was a distance forming between my husband and me and our other children began to suffer as well.

After hearing Nancy Thomas speak, we decided to try the camp. This was the turning point for our family. At camp we found the support, information and necessary tools to help heal our daughter. We learned hands on how to reach her, while establishing and maintaining loving and consistent boundaries. We learned why she acted the way she did and how to help her heal. Our daughter - along with our entire family - accomplished foundational healing while at the camp. But it did not end there. We came home equipped to continue the process of healing and restoration for our daughter and our entire family.

It was a life changing experience for us, including our other two children. In just one year of following the techniques we learned at camp, we now have a daughter who is respectful, responsible and fun to be around. She has made dramatic academic improvement. She has a sparkle in her eyes that wasn't there before, because she now understands she is loved and safe. Our sweet and loving daughter is shining through and has NOW made our family complete." 


photo.JPGHope and Healing Await You

If you have a challenging child in your life and can identify with any part of this story, read more about Turning Point Camp. Your child may seem unreachable and you may feel as if your family may be facing future demise, but there is hope. One year ago, this family was falling apart. Today, they are thriving under the light of hope and restoration achieved with the tools acquired from the camp they attended with their family. Your story of hope and healing is waiting to be told as well. Read more about Turning Point Camp now.


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